Juni Steam Workshop: Football Manager Record breaking strikerless formation. league goals! Read more. The latest Tweets from Taktiktisch (@Taktiktisch): "Football Manager - Rollenkombination im Angriff (Tipps / Tutorial / Deutsch): Wavd4WQszc. So ist es dann leider zu einer Abart geworden, dass strikerless Taktiken (sind in unserem Stream verboten) die Match Enginge derart überlistet. Ich habe mal zu Beginn einer Story die Vor- und Nachteile von stürmerlosen Systemen aufgeführt, grob gesagt ist der Vorteil, dass man ballnah viel eher in Überzahl ist, dafür aber ballfern verwaist. But funny enough, Badstuber is defensively the strongest of the players who could start there save for Lahm switching sides. Der nächste Teil der Serie erscheint voraussichtlich am 5. Hungary were chosen for this friendly because their system is similar to the teams Germany will face in the group and Kroos and Özil played some pleasingly tricky footie together and dissembled the Hungarian defense with ease. Meiner Meinung nach ist das meistens ohnehin nur der Not geschuldet, weil der Gegner die Räume so eng macht, dass wenig anderes übrig bleibt. Bei Flair bin ich mir im Übrigen nicht sicher, ob man das individuell trainieren kann. Wie sieht das bei dir aus bzw wie hast du das gelöst? Direkt als Status mitteilen. Im Grunde will ich eine Seite aus dem Pozzo -Handbuch nehmen. His build-up and vertical openings are in a class of its owns. Both Krasic and Jovanovic have the nouse to drive the other back not Lahm crazy. I am a bit concern about the defense ability of this team though. Noch mehr Guides und Inspiration zum Football Manager: Tim on June 8, at 1: Germany are depending on some talented youngsters who have little international experience and are completely unused to playing with each other.

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Domain Registration Data Compare it to To be able to find pockets of space on the pitch your player needs good movement as this will help in find good positions and get away from his marker.

The better your players teamwork the better he will work with the other players in the team and also the harder he will work.

In this introduction to the series we have looked at some of the reasons why you may choose to play in this style and also some of the principles of playing this way.

In the next article we will start to look at some actual tactics and in game situations. I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction and that you will join me for the next instalment.

I will update the thread title when I post the next article or you can follow the article by leaving a comment or hitting the follow button at the top right of this article.

Welcome to the second part of my strikerless series. In todays article we are going to start looking at some tactics and in game situations.

More specifically we will be looking at playing with three players in the attacking midfield positions and I have two tactics to show you.

These are both attacking and hopefully possession based tactics and I will be specifically be looking at the attacking third of the pitch in this article.

We look more at the defensive aspects of strikerless in a later article. The two tactics I am using are identical until you get to the attacking midfield three where I am using a narrow three in one and a wide three in the other.

I will talk about the AM trios in more details later on but I will just explain the rest of the roles before showing you the team instructions.

I am playing a high line so he just gives me that extra insurance because he will come of his line and sweep up balls played behind our two centre backs.

A sweeper keeper is also more likely to play short passes out from the back which is what I want. I have two standard centre backs.

I could go with a BPD but I want my centre backs to keep things simple at the back and a standard centre back will play short passes out form the back but he will take less risks than a BPD.

In front of them I have an anchorman who protects the defence when the two wingbacks bomb forward and join the attacks. This was in part because I wanted to see how the front 3 interact with each other without midfielders getting in the way but also I feel that they create a good balance to the team.

They will sit in the centre of the park and play possession passes or get the ball to the attacking players who can then do there magic.

The CM role can change as well depending on the skills of the players I put in that role. So for example I can play a more defensive minded player like Samaris and he will keep things simple with the ball and use his good tackling to win the ball whereas Hojbjerg next to him is more of a playmaker type and will look to get on the ball and make things happen either by spreading play out to the wings or with balls into our front three.

Well technically the trequartista role in tactic two is a playmaking role although he gets a lot of goals as well. I have avoided using a playmakers in these tactics as I want us to not be too predictable.

When you have a playmaker in the team all the other players want to pass to him as he is the focal point of your team. I want to see if by not having a playmaker but having players with playmaking abilities you can still get good results.

I wont be making any conclusions on that in this article. The formations only have a couple of differences between them and they both have the same team instructions as despite the different formation and player roles what I want to do remains the same..

I want to score goals and I want to see good passing football from my team whilst being as solid as we can at the back. I have chosen a control mentality.

This is because I want my team to attack and control is on the attacking side of the scale but I want them to be responsible at the same time.

It should also mean I am less susceptible to counter attacks as my players are less gung-ho than on attacking or overload. Balanced seems a good compromise to me as narrow could possibly lead to a little more possession as it brings the players closer together but may make us more predictable and wide will make it harder to play a short passing game.

Just like playing narrow could lead to more possession so could playing with a slow tempo but it may make us predictable and easy to defend against.

Fast tempo will lead to the ball being played forward too quickly before our attacking players are in a position to hurt the opposition and possession will be lost.

Balanced it is then. I want my players to be close together and make the pitch as compact as possible to make short passing easier.

I also want my attacking midfielders as close to the goal as I can get them. Playing a high line should help me achieve those aims as it pushes the whole team further up the pitch.

This is risky and is best used with fast defenders who can get back if needed. I want my players to harass the opposition players and try to win the ball back as quickly as possible so we can take advantage of them being out of shape.

This also ties in with having my attacking midfield pushed as high as I can up the pitch. If we only closed down or sat back in our own half they would sit back and allow the opposition to play out but with all over they will pressure the defenders of the opposition and keep them pushed back in there own half nearer there goal and away from ours.

Middle of the road here. Playing a high line means we can be susceptible to balls over the top or in behind our defence.

I am using wingbacks as my wide outlet and I want them to get up well up the pitch before they think about crossing the ball. Early crosses would simply lead to them giving the ball away as they put the ball into the box where we have no striker.

This will let our attacking midfielders get closer to the goal and into more dangerous positions before looking to shoot. I have some pace in my team that can get onto the end of balls played through the oppositions defence.

As I have said a couple of times we are looking to play short passes that will pull the opposition players out of position and create openings for us to exploit.

Playing mixed keeps us from being too predictable. The same as passing, there is no point hitting the ball long to a player who simply wont be there.

It will give away possession and we will be on the back foot straight away. I have gone with two shadow strikers SS in this formation as I want to pressure the back line of the opposition and cause mistakes which can lead to goals and also to provide a goal threat as well.

I am going to go into more detail on the SS role along with the trequartista role in the next article in the series.

The middle of the three is an attacking midfielder AM which is an all rounder type of role. He will create as well as trying to get into goal scoring positions himself.

I have used this formation with an advanced playmaker as well but I found that it works more effectively with the AM role in the centre of the three.

Lets take a look at some in game situations. These screenshots come from a win over rivals Porto. In this first screenshot we are on the attack and our AM Krovinovic has the ball.

Look how deep he is compared to our two SS who are both in advanced positions that you would expect to see strikers in. I have highlighted the area behind the Porto back line as something I have noticed about playing strikerless is that it can cause the oppositions defenders to push up higher giving us areas for our quick midfielders to attack.

Obviously Porto are a good team and so will tend to be more forward thinking anyway but I noticed this with poorer teams in the division as well.

One problem with using two players in the same role is that they can tend to take up the same positions on the field at times.

Ideally I would want to see them in the half space between the CB and the FB which would be much harder positions for Porto to defend.

You can see the overlap in effect though as Grimaldo is pushing forwards to provide a passing option out wide if Samaris has the vision to see him.

In the team instructions I said I wanted to play a high pressure game with a high line and pressing all over the pitch. Here you can see that in effect as we are pinning back Porto in there own half.

We are trying to make it as hard as possible for them to play out from the back by closing as many passing lanes as we can. The player with the balls best option is to either hit it long for the striker or down the line for the winger but both options are being covered by our defenders.

If he passes inside he runs the risk of losing the ball and one of my players getting a chance on goal. Good teams will get out of situations like this and all this high pressure is risky for us as well if Porto can use the ball correctly and quickly there is space in behind to exploit on the counter.

Porto are missing a trick here as they have left back six players from the attack compared to the image above where we are pushing everyone forward to pressure there defence.

We need to play out from these situations as to just hoof it will lead to Porto coming straight back at us.

So can we get out of this situation? Of course we can due to having a team of good passers. The move breaks down in the end but we have pushed Porto from the edge of our box back into there own box.

I have one final GIF for you from this tactic before we take a look at the match stats. I said I wanted to play attacking possession football.

Well I think you can see from this that I have achieved that aim. If we take a look at the match stats we can see that I achieved my goal of having more possession and that has been the case in the majority of games I have used this tactic in.

The goals came from the cross you saw in the GIF earlier and from a shot on the edge of the box from a corner.

Player stats wise and we can see that Krovinovic had a great game with only three failed passes and seven key passes.

He was out done by MOM Samaris who had a goal and an assist but in this tactic Krovinovic is the heartbeat of the team and the man who makes things happen despite not playing as an advanced playmaker.

So a complete change of roles for the front three in this tactic. We have a trequartista that I will look more into in the next article and then two inside forwards IF.

I wanted to try an attacking role in the centre of the three so I went with the treq who will also play make as well as provide a goal threat.

I want the IF to find space in the wide areas of the pitch but then cut inside to get shots or play through balls. The IF role is also more natural to Forsberg and Mahrez.

We took on Aves in the game I am going to show you footage from and ran out winners with two goals from Krovinovic and one from Mahrez and CM Fernandez.

I mentioned before that I found teams were pushing up higher when I played without a striker and you can see that here.

Aves are the type of team that would usually drop deep and be a pain to break down but not in this screenshot. There back four have pushed right up to our attacking mids and making them look more like a front three.

This can play into our hands as it gives us lots of space there defenders to attack. In the narrow three formation we saw that the two SS had a habit of trying to occupy the same space on the pitch.

Less of a problem here as even though the two IF have come inside they are all in there own space.

You can see that the Treq is far more attack minded compared to the AM which in some ways is good as we have an attacking three but it can mean we lose a link man between the CM and the attacking mids.

I did find that the presence of the Treq kept the two IF away from each other a bit more. Remember that I set pressing all over the pitch? Well sometimes that can really pay off as it did in this clip.

This clip shows how the lack of a striker as an out ball can be a problem against better teams. We deal with the freekick and it is just booted up field but with no striker to at least put pressure on the Aves defender the ball is coming straight back at us.

If we where playing a better team this could lead us into being pinned back in our own half. We often did have more possesion than the opposition but it was less gaurenteed compared to tactic one.

We did create more with this tactic and not just in this game but in general. I think that IF where harder for teams to defend against compared to have the two SS who where more central and perhaps easier to pick up for the defenders.

Forsberg and Krovinovic had great games despite not seeing much of the ball in this game. This was due to an assist for Forsberg and Krovinovic getting two goals.

This was just a quirk of this particular game as in other games all three attacking mids had plenty of the ball. I found both formations to be relativley successful for me and the results can be found in this career post.

I enjoyed tactic two more as I prefered seeing that attacking three taking up positions in more space instead of sitting on top of each other as they were in tactic one.

For example with the narrow three the ball was passed out to the wingbacks far more than tactic two but the problem is that with no striker the wingbacks crosses tended to just be cleared or flash across the box with no one to put the ball n the net.

There is many ways that you could play strikerless and I havent got time to test everyone but hopefully this article has given you an insight into how I went about looking at the problem of playing without a striker.

Have you tried strikerless and how did you go about it? Let me know in the comments below. They are probably the most attacking options you have in that area of the pitch to choose from and I felt it would be a good idea to take a look at the roles.

Hopefully I can give you some ideas as to what you might expect if you use either role. I took over at Bayern and played a season using both roles in a tactic to see who would score more, who would assist more and generally what they do during games.

They are both of a similar age and ability so I felt they would suit this article. I need to enjoy what I do so I went with this approach instead of something that could be considered an experiment but I hope we can learn something from this that we can use in our future saves.

What does the game have to tell us about the two roles? In theory the game tells us that a SS should be looking to get himself into goalscoring positions compared to a Treq who will act more like a very attacking advanced playmaker.

The SS certainly sounds like he should be more suited to a high pressing game as he should look to close down defenders whereas the Treq does very little defensively.

Of course this is all theory and it will be interesting to see if the player stats show these things happening or not. When we are looking for players to play these roles what attributes should we be looking for?

I took these important attributes from our A-Z guide by PriZe which can be found here. I have marked the most important attributes gold and secondary attributes in silver.

I could have played either player in both roles really as when you look at the players attributes they have good numbers in all areas.

What made me choose Savic as the SS is that he has less creativity compared to Acensio and the Treq role requires more creativity in theory. Also Savic has better defensive attributes and the SS should contribute more without the ball than the Treq will although in turn Acensio does have better shooting compared to Savic so it was a decision that could have gone either way.

Acensio does lack teamwork and it will be interesting to see if that has any impact on the amount of assists he gets over the season.

The tactic I used was based around the tactics in the second part of this series and had the same team instructions.

I used this tactic in all games unless we had a sending off.

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Top Countries United Kingdom Quarter Final nano casino Real Madrid: Die neueste an account or sign in to comment You need biathlon europameisterschaft be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for strikerless new account in our community. When we are looking for players to play these roles what attributes should we be looking for? Can we get teams to push further up and create space by removing the striker and causing the opposition centre backs to instead have to worry about our attacking midfield as the goal threat. By ashrafrazin Started Wednesday at I am playing a high line so he just gives me that extra insurance because he will come of his line and sweep up balls played behind our two centre backs. Just do whatever you think will work, learn from what blows up in your face and cherish the moments where everything falls into place and you accomplish greatness. BC Broekhin location Swalmen-Reuver ,; re-film. 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